Play the Real 3D Sudoku on your iPhone and iPad!

Kuboku is a 3D sudoku game with a 8-position cube. You have to find all missing numbers in the cube. There are 1,000 levels of increasing difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Hard) in which more and more numbers are missing.

Kuboku is a universal app. You'll be able to play Kuboku on your iPhone and your iPad.
You can play Kuboku on the iPhone and the iPad

The 3D Sudoku game Kuboku supports Apple's Game Center

Game Center

Kuboku will give you access to the Game Center.

Your best 3 scores will be saved on the leaderboards:
  • the best one for the Easy level,
  • the best one for the Medium level,
  • and the best one for the Hard level.
So, you'll know how your score ranks against your friends, but also against all players of Kuboku.

Let's the 3D Sudoku competition start!

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