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[Tutorial] Morph Age: Composing a Morphing Video

September 27th 2011

By Matthew Price
in English

There are several apps for OS X that offer morphing capabilities but none are as feature capable and easy to use as Morph Age. The quality of the animations that Morph Age is able to render is fantastic. website logo

Mac App Review: Morph Age Express

September 11th 2011

By Kenta Arai (Plomonet rating: 9/10)
in English

Morph Age Pro, l’applicazione professionale per creare incredibili morphing video su Mac

March 15th 2011

By Gigi Calabrò
in Italian

Ma una cosa è certa: dopo averci fatto la mano si possono fare cose impensabili e le sequenze morphing realizzate rasentano la perfezione di quelle del cinema. website logo

Review : Morph Age Pro

June 1st 2010

By David John
in English

As you can see for ten minutes work and using only six points of reference Morph Age has done a pretty amazing job in morphing the two images and with more time I have no doubt the result would be cinema quality. (...)
If you are looking for a way of creating cinematic or TV quality morph transformations then Morph Age Pro is definitely the tool for the job.

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Initiation au morphing

February 7th 2010

By Bicus from Mac4Ever
in French

Step by step explanations of how to create a morphing animation.

picture from the video about how to create a morphing animation by Mac4Ever

Verzerren... nicht nur mit Photoshop

November - December 2009

By Doc Baumann
in German

Article about Morph Age in the German magazine Docma - Pages 66 and 67

Article about Morph Age in the German magazine Docma - Page 71

logo of the Swiss website

Software Review: Morph Age 4

December 15th 2009

By Colin Jörg
in German

Das Programm ist sehr leicht zu bedienen, doch auch hier gilt je mehr Mühe man sich gibt desto besser wird das Ergebnis. Bedeutet konkret je besser das man die entsprechenden Bereiche markiert desto besser wird das Ergebnis, bei meinem Demofilm hatte ich nur einige Minuten Zeit genommen und das Ergebnis ist doch bereits sehr brauchbar! (…)
Bei guten Bildern funktioniert die automatische Gesichtserkennung erstaunlich gut und bedarf nur kleinen Korrekturen. Sehr praktisch ist das bei Videos damit nicht bei jedem Bild die Linien angepasst werden müssen was dann doch einen erheblichen Aufwand darstellt.

Rating by the Alaskan Apple User Group: Excellent

Morph Age 4.05

July 10th 2009

By Richard Geiger
in English

Morph Age is a great product that works as advertised. Creaceed did a great job writing a manual so that the software was easy to use.

logo of the German magazine MacUp

Überblenden von Bildern: Morph Age

July-August 2009

By Karsten Rose
in German

Article about Morph Age in the German magazine MacUp

logo of the German magazine Docma

Morphingtool für OSX Leopard

March 4th 2009

By Johannes Wilwerding
in German

Besonders für unerfahrene Anwender ist die Echtzeitvorschau von Morph Age eine große Hilfe, da sich die Auswirkungen aller Eingriffe an genau dieser Stelle sofort ablesen lassen.

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