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Creaceed S.P.R.L.
Parc Scientifique Initialis
Boulevard Initialis, 1
7000 Mons

About us

Creaceed was founded in 2008, and is established in Mons (Belgium). We develop creative and user-friendly applications for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Creaceed was the first Belgian company with an app available on the App Store.

Above all, Creaceed's team is made of passionate people.

Raphaël Sebbe

Raphael, PhD, is co-founder and CEO of Creaceed. He's passionate about product design and technology. He loves to experiment with new concepts and to bring advanced technology into the hands of people.
Raphael joined the Cocoa world in the late 90's, and brought his first apps for sale in 2003. He got a pretty good rate of Objective-C lines of code per Nespresso capsule, yet at the same time he can spend insane amount of time at small details.


Sandrine Loiseau

Sandrine has a Master's degree in Languages and in Applied Economics. She co-founded Creaceed and she is responsible for business development, marketing & communication, HR, and accounting.
Sandrine is the living proof that all women are not that bad at using computers. Her main interests are cats, chocolate (we are Belgian, aren't we?), movies and strategy computer games.


Benoît Bourdon

Benoît officially joined Creaceed in January 2012 but he had the chance to work with us previously for developing the iPhone version of Prizmo. As we enjoyed working with him, we hired him! :-)
Benoît started development in his early teens as a hobby. Design is another major interest of his. In fact, he's a natural designer kind of guy. He is always investing the time and energy needed for finding the best solution in that field.

Bunuël Cubo Soto

Bunuël was our 1st long-term intern in iOS development. He was so motivated that he was one of the 150 students to win a scholarship to Apple's WWDC in June 2013! He officially joined the team in September 2013.